- IOM-A/B SAS interlink support (MS6-MS6) for high speed SEP synchronization and distributed firmware download (SSP). (Reference Bug 584 Enhancement Request: Reduce enclosure management propagation delay).

          o Boot-time IOM-A/B interlink transport selection (I2C / SSP) via zoning configuration. Standard zoning configurations 0 - 3 select I2C transport for use without external IOM-A/B SAS interlink cabling. Zoning configurations 4 and 5 select SSP transport for use with external SAS cabling (MS6-MS6).

          o Delays turning on host ports on boot-up until system is stable and both SEPs are in sync.

You must have an external mini-SAS HD cable between ports 6 of both IOMs.

Files and Utility needed for firmware/zone changes (LINK): https://1drv.ms/u/s!AizyahfsAor4g0rKTcelutObJNxw

1) Upgrade the firmware to 0105 (see document attached) 

2) Place the unit into zone 4 (see document attached)

3) Enable SEP sync via external SAS cable (see document attached)