The following are the recommended configuration limits for Storage Spaces: 

For clustered storage pools:

  • Up to 80 physical disks in a clustered storage pool (to allow time for the pool to fail over to other nodes)
  • Up to four storage pools per cluster

For non-clustered storage pools:

  • Up to 240 physical disks in a non-clustered Windows Server 2012 R2 storage pool (4 x 60 disk JBOD); you can, however, have multiple pools of 240 disks
  • In Windows Server 2012, you can have up to 160 physical disks in a storage pool; you can, however, have multiple pools of 160 disks.

For both clustered and non-clustered pools:

  • Up to 480 TB of capacity in a single storage pool
  • Up to 64 storage spaces in a single storage pool